Here is a collection of Texas Flat Fee MLS Listing frequently asked questions that I have put together to help you in listing a home fsbo. If you have any other questions, not listed here, feel free to call or send an e-mail.

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How will Buyer's Agent contact me for a showing request or for questions about my property?

Realtors are provided seller direct contact information on the MLS to contact for showings under the allowed section known as the “Agent/Private Remarks” section on the MLS. We do not monitor calls from other agencies looking to show seller’s property. Realtors looking to show your property have access to the same MLS to pull and read your listing/showing instructions on the MLS.

How quickly will my Flat Fee MLS listing appear on the MLS & after I sign up?

Once we receive your order and listing documents, your property MLS listing will be active within 24-48 hours after an order is placed. Once listed in the MLS, typically takes 48 to 72 hours to upload a listing to their site. Syndication to other sites may take additional time and internet syndication is an automatic upload and can not be modified. We do not have control or the ability to edit third-party syndication sites and can not be held liable for how your listing syndicates to third-party websites.

Are there any other listing fees I must pay?

At, you pay a flat fee to list your property on the MLS. This is a One-Time fee to get listed on the MLS. There is a broker fee upon selling which we will collect and from this fee we will offer the co-operating broker which brings a buyer all or a portion of this fee for procuring the buyer. This fee is typically referred to as the “buyer’s agent” fee. We recommend this fee be between 2% – 3%. Isn’t that Great!

Can I can cancel my order?

If your listing has not be activated on MLS, you may cancel your order with a full refund. Once, your property has been activated and issued an MLS number, then your listing fee is non-refundable.

Please contact us via email at [email protected] to notify us of any cancellation.

Can I list My Rental Property on the MLS &

Certainly. Rental properties are listed within MLS just like ‘For Sale’ properties.

Can I use my own Yard Sign?

Due to local MLS Board Regulations, the use of typical “For Sale By Owner” signs are not allowed in areas when listed on the MLS with a licensed broker. Alternatively, a simple “House For Sale” sign can be used. Depending on your package selected for MLS package, a sign can be added as an additional item and one can be mailed to you for use.

Do you have coverage in my area?

We most likely do – Please click link below to view Coverage Areas.

How do I pay for your Flat Fee MLS Listing services?

We can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Sorry but checks are not accepted.

How many buyers will see my property listing?

Your Flat Fee MLS Listing will receive Maximum National Exposure on the® website with color photos and description. The website is open to the public and is the most heavily visited real estate website on the internet. Only properties listed in the MLS can appear on In addition, MLS listings are featured on Trulia®, Zillow®, Homes®, Yahoo®! MSN® and hundreds of other real estate websites that attract millions of potential buyers for your property.

If I find my own Buyer, do I still owe a Buyer's Agent Commission?

No. If you are working directly with an individual buyer(s) which are not currently represented by a buyer’s agent, and no other agent assisted in procuring the buyer, then no commission is owed. You then save yourself thousands more. Way to go!

What are the Buyer's Agent Commissions I must pay?

If an agent sees a listing and brings a buyer, you must agree to pay the broker a fee in order to cover the buyer’s agent commission. This fee is generally paid if you choose to accept the agent presented offer. The broker commission you’re willing to pay is stated on the MLS listing Agreement you sign with us prior to listing your property. When we list your property on the MLS, we will offer the buyer’s agent a co-operating commission.

Whose Phone Number is on the MLS?

The MLS listing will display the listing agent/broker contact information. However, within the MLS there’s a section under ‘Agent Private Remarks’ where we can list your Name, Phone, and Email address for agents to contact you directly. When we receive an interested buyer phone call or email inquiry about your property, the interested parties will be directed to you to schedule a showing or to discuss details about the property. If you selected our “Enhancement Showcase” package, your name, phone and email address will be listed on the listing for interested buyers to contact you directly.