The Truth is in the numbers. 
When you list your property with a 6% listing broker, you as the Seller have to price your property high enough to cover all the commissions due at closing or you’ll have to bring money to the closing table – Your Bottom-line is diminished from the start.

There’s a better way to list.  

Just think, if you didn’t have to pay a Realtor® a 6% listing commission, you’d be able to either price your property more aggressively, retain the right to sell “by owner”and be able to make more money.  This truth applies to all property types; Luxury homes, New Homes, Pre-owned, Land/Lot, Rehabbed/Renovated, Multi-family and even Commercial property. 

Our listing process is very simple; most property types are usually listed within 48 hours within the MLS. Realtors® with interested buyers will call you directly when your property is seen on the MLS,® and many of our Top National Syndication sites. 

Today’s Sellers are Smarter and Demand a Better Way to Sell.